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Nature Hater - God bashing Game - Free!!

2014-01-24 09:15:32 by therapistgames


Our demo, Nature Hater is free to play, check it out


We also have a kickstarter to complete the levels and create new enemies, so support us please.



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2014-01-24 20:13:37

Hello there,I just watched your demo,well,it has a pretty good concept but its message and its content,not so much.Maybe it's just a game and games entertain people(and it takes hard work and effort to make them),but a change in the 'enemy' types may make the game more favourable and 'enjoyable' to some gamers who disagree with the present idea of the game.I know,it's up to the gamers if they want to play the game if they like it or not,but there'll be some who'll leave some biting comments,so you'll need to be 'prepared' if you aren't changing the game.Anyway,good luck!

therapistgames responds:

Hello, thanks ever so much for taking time to comment on our work.

It is a challenging concept for sure, but do not overlook the premise of the game. You are playing the bad guy. It is not glorifying violence, it is drawing attention to the destructive power of low self esteem.

But you are right, we are designing new enemies for it, we have some dalmation puppies, a fox, hedge-hogs, badgers, turtles...all sorts....if you have any suggestions for new enemies, i am all ears


2014-01-25 19:54:42

Woah,I think you're right,I may have overlooked the premise,well,I hope my part of being the 'bad guy' did you more good than bad,if not,sorry about that.That's what you get from a nature-loving mind,I guess.